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heey ;D

Sorry, but this journal is mostly for friends only. Posts with icons are open, but other entries are closed. Soo.. comment to be added ;)
see ya! ;D
I was there.
And that was absolutely AMAZING.

30 Seconds To Mars

Avatar set #7

I made these for myself, but then I thought maybe you'll like them, too ;)
I used Japan photoshoot photos and the latest photos of Kaulitz twins. Although I don't like Bill's new look at all, I wanted to try and make some icons with these photos, too.

As usual, feel free to take and comment. And credit, if you use, please. ♥

Avatar set #6

It's me again. I'm back with new icons.
Enjoy and feel free to take.
Comments and credit are ♥

Avatar set #5 [updated]

Today is very boring day & I have nothing to do.. So, I've decided to make icons (like always, though :D) from new cute photos (unfortunately, photos aren't in HQ :( ) Enjoy. ;)
Feel free to take and comment, pls. Credit is appreciated.♥

Avatar set #4

I have nothing to do but make icons xD
Comments and credit are welcome. ♥

Avatar set #3

Credit and comments are welcome ♥

Guess who's back xD

I have made avatar set from new scans & screenshots. Unfortunately, some of them are in the bad quality :( However, I tried to make it better ^^
So, enjoy the result. Feel free to take!
Comments and credit are love ;D

Avatar set + FO banner

Feel free to take ;)
Comments plz.